Improve Your Hospital's Surgery Cancellation Rates
by Reducing Patient Anxiety With Guided Imagery

Studies show guided imagery reduces patients' pre- & post-surgery anxiety.

Learn more about adding guided imagery to your surgery center.

Research has proven that guided imagery significantly reduces patients’ anxiety before surgery, decreases their pain during and after surgery, and allows them to leave the hospital sooner – all while lowering the costs of surgery, medication, and other charges by 14%.  See that research here.

Now Health Journeys makes it easy for you to offer your patients all the benefits of guided imagery with a customized web page that streams a curated playlist of our targeted, evidence-based meditation audios on demand.

Here’s How It Works...

  • We build a secure web page using your logo, branding, and messaging so it fits seamlessly into your organization’s web site.

  • We embed these seven audios focused on preparing for and recovering from surgery: Successful Surgery, Healthful SleepEase PainStop SmokingAnxiety & PanicEmbracing a New MedicineRelaxation & Wellness

  • We provide both a link to the page and a QR code so your patients can access the audios easily on a computer or a smartphone. 

  • We provide unlimited 24/7 access so your patients can listen any time, anywhere, as often as they like. 

  • We host and manage the page on the Health Journeys server so it requires minimal attention from your IT team. 

  • We make daily reports available so you can understand how your patients are using the audios. The reports give you information on how many sessions, average duration users are listening to the audios, and what audio tracks and titles are being listened to. 

This is a specially designed pack made available to Hospitals

Some Hospitals That Offer This Pack to Their Patients...